Warren Hinckle Remembrance By Phil Ryan

It was  a touching moment to read Kevin Fagan’s moving front page SF Chronicle story on the passing of Warren Hinckle. I’ve know Warren from puberty to passing. We were briefly rival columnists is high school – Warren in the Riordan Crusader and I in Inside SI. I thought of myself as a teenage Herb […]

August 28th, 2016|Essays|

A Father’s Faith

What is it
Like the seasons, does it change
Awaiting God's visit
Or is it constant and assured
Against all doubt
It be inured
Like an infant at his mother's breast,
A boy at father's play
Like him, compelled to be the best
A man, into his lover looks
And bedded, all his rage does rest

Where resides this faith in Father God
Pure reason [...]

August 11th, 2016|Poetry|