By Phil Ryan

Wine pleasures her by being unscrewed

Wine can be full bodied without a flabby middle

Wine can be fruity without being gay

And Beaujolais is never jealous of a handsome Chardonnay

Wine leaves a lingering aftertaste no matter how shallow

And doesn’t pout if she only sniffs and doesn’t swallow

Wine doesn’t get depressed when she sends it to the cellar

And it’s bottle shape is phallic, but always erect and stellar

Wine is more potent with increasing age

And can make her feel as silly as a sophist

      Or as wise as a brilliant sage

She can share her wine with her girl friends,

      unlike a single fellow

And wine is smooth and spirited

but has never been none to bellow

Wine is patient and will wait for her too

And wine, unlike a man, will never ask:

“Was it good for you?”


copyright(c) phil ryan